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Altech’s operations are generally service-driven and operate in an offi ce environment. Consequently, the group’s direct environmental impact is minimal, apart from the manufacturing operations at Altech UEC. Nevertheless we continue to reduce our impact on the environment in any way we can, managing our resources with care as good corporate citizens:

  • carbon footprint: decreased to 22 607 tCO2e (2012: 23 914 tCO2e)
  • water consumption: decreased to 49 043 kilolitres in 2013 (2012: 77 851 kilolitres
  • recycling programmes: Altech UEC initiated a comprehensive waste management strategy which focuses on recycling cardboard, wooden pallets and used oil. The group generated 1 493 tons of waste in 2013, 51% of which was recycled (2012:985 tons)