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Sustainability - Overview

Altech’s material focus areas form the core of the businesses’ sustainability strategy. The individual elements or issues are derived from the key performance drivers and risk assessments conducted during the financial year. Material areas are those that may have a significant impact on the long-term sustainability of the business. Other risks and opportunities were identified during the year; however, the table below shows only those that are considered material.

Altech’s sustainability strategy is built on the economic, social and environmental factors that are essential for the long-term sustainability of the group. Since the board approved the new strategy in 2011, it has evolved into a growth and operational strategy – each with its own material focus areas (see page 6 for full details of the material focus areas).

For each growth driver a number of objectives, targets or deliverables have been identified and are tracked by the executive team on a monthly basis. The board remains the custodian of the strategic direction of the company, and monitors progress on the implementation of the strategy.